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I’ve had a passion for beauty my whole life. As I got into my teenage years, I wanted to wear makeup and  get acrylic nails. I was already getting my hair done weekly, thanks to my cosmetologist mom. As I grew up I got into it more and fast forward to last year when I decided that I wanted to start a business...I went back and forth about what I wanted to sell and how I wanted to sell it, a few months later I came up with a plan to create my own line. After lots of research and testing different products and textures I was sold on creating a makeup line.  I knew I wanted my products to be known for having the same quality across all skin types and nationalities. For example, Fenty makeup is known for aiming toward women of color. Most beauty supply makeup is for Caucasian women. MAC is for everyone but it’s pricey. I came up with my slogan (while eating cheesecake) before I had a name. I just new I wanted my name to stick out and fit in with the bigger brands and I wanted to logo to portray that. 


Why Vegan Products?

I want my customers to be able to purchase superior quality products at an affordable price. Vegan products not only offer safer ingredients for one’s physical health, but they can also offer something for one’s conscience. It feels good knowing you’re taking care of your skin by purchasing natural products.

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